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Comp Team

dance classes in bakersfield, ca

The competition team accepts members with higher levels of dance advancement per age group.  


We have three different levels of competitive teams here at Penché: 

Senior Krushers: This is the highest level of dancer.

Junior Krushers: These dancers are on their way to becoming senior dancers with several years of dance experience.

Baby Krushers: These are our tiny competitors ages 3-8 years of age.


We travel once a month for six months out of the year to many different competitions normally in the Sothern California area. These teams are for the dancer who is willing to put in what it takes to take their dance career to the next level. At Penché, you will learn skills and make friendships that will last a lifetime. These are some of the best moments in a dancer’s life that build character and gives the student a sense of pride; belonging to something that is so special. ​

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