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Christmas Show 12/16


“Merry & Bright”


“I’ll Be Home For Christmas”- Macie Emhoff, Mei-Lien Strand, Kennedy Fern, Adalynn Martinez, Rowan Huffman


“Candy Cane Lane”- Maren Ritchie, Bella Ritchie, Bailey Hoover


“Man With The Bag”- Gianna Nicoletti, Mackenzie Simpson, Veronica Gonzalez, Emily West, Kylie West


“Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”- Ivy Meadors, Paisleigh Davis, Gianna Ritchie, Kate Ritchie, Brooklyn Hoover, Layla Harris, Kaydence Heath, Lilianna Cleveland, Kensley Torres, Kendra Booth


“One Moment More”- Rowan Huffman, Adalynn Martinez


“Under The Christmas Lights”- Veronica Gonzales, Gianna Nicoletti, Mackenzie Simpson, Emily West, Kylie West

“Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”- Kendra Booth, Paisley Cox, Layla Harris, Brooklyn Hoover, Kaydence Heath, Lilianna Cleveland, Stevi Putney, Kensley Torres, Paisleigh Davis, Kennedy Fern, Mei-Lien Strand, Macie Emhoff, Adalynn Martinez, Rowan Huffman, Ivy Meadors, Kate Ritchie, Anna Goehring,


“Merry Little Christmas”- Veronica Gonzalez, Gianna Nicoletti, Mackenzie Simpson, Emily West, Kylie West


“Rocking Around The Christmas Tree”- Charlee Spurlin, Camila Luna, Layla Harris, Brooklyn Hoover, Rowan Huffman, Sofia Maglieri, Macie Emhoff, Mei-Lien Strand, Adalynn Martinez


“Jingle Bell Rock”- Kennedy Fern, Macie Emhoff, Mei-Lien Strand, Adalynn Martinez, Rowan Huffman


“Under The Tree”-

Improve By

Layla Harris, Kendra Booth, Kate Ritchie, Brooklyn Hoover


“Hip Hop Mix”- Emily West, Kylie West, Mackenzie Simpson, Gianna Nicoletti, Veronica Gonzalez, Mei-Lien Strand, Macie Emhoff, Isabel Schmunk, Madison Schmunk


“Away In A Manger”- Bailey Hoover, Bella Ritchie, Maren Ritchie


“Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”- Lilianna Cleveland, Layla Harris, Sofia Maglieri


“Winter Song”- Veronica Gonzalez, Gianna Nicoletti, Mackenzie Simpson, Emily West, Kylie West


“Jingle Bells”- Serenity Alvarez, Kendra Booth, Paisleigh Davis, Briana Slater, Emoni Peterson, Sofia Maglieri, Adalynn Martinez, Brooklyn Hoover, Layla Harris, Kensley Torres, Kennedy Fern, Rowan Huffman


“Wrapped In Red”-

Improv By

Veronica Gonzales, Gianna Nicoletti, Kylie West, Emily West, Mackenzie Simpson


“When Christmas Comes To Town”- Kendra Booth, Lilianna Cleveland, Paisleigh Davis, Kaydence Heath, Brooklyn Hoover, Layla Harris, Camila Luna, Stevi Putney, Kate Ritchie, Gianna Ritchie, Briana Slater, Kensley Torres


“Deck The Halls”- Veronica Gonzalez, Gianna Nicoletti, Mackenzie Simpson, Isabel Schmunk, Madison Schmunk, Emily West, Kylie West

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